9/11/2020: Live from Oregon

 9/11/2020: Never Forget

    Hey y'all. It's been a little over a month now since I lost all of my data. I may be able to get it back one day, but I don't have the resources now. I still don't like to think about it. I relied on so much that I had on that drive for everything that I did. I live *just outside* Portland Oregon at this time, and everything is on fire. I did a live version of HARRY TRUMAN today on my YouTube Channel, and it's also on my website. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zm5Z6Jjau0k

    Speaking of websites, I've owned superkenn.com since the 1990s. Before Blogger existed, I had something *very* similar on my websites -- my daily "logs" where I just wrote a few paragraphs about what was going on, and what I was up to. I've always been a semi-public figure in Portland. My site had quite a bit of traffic. It surprised me that anyone read them at all. My good friend Paul said "It's Kenn's site of too much information about Kenn." Another friend said at the time "We love to read Kenn's Web Logs (or *bLogs*) - it's a great way to keep up with what he's doing." I joke around and say "I invented the bLog, ask anyone" and I'm mostly joking, but there is an element of seriousness to that. Any of my regulars at superkenn.com at the time will attest to the fact that now, in 2020, what I did in 1996 was *very* similar (if not exactly the same).

    Around 2006, after a DECADE online I took SK.com mostly offline. I left a relationship of 14 years, and didn't want to really share too much about my private life with my new girlfriend (now wife) with everyone. In 2007 we had our first child, and I got laid off for the first time in my life. The stress of new job, job loss, the divorce, the new marriage, and the change in my lifestyle from parenting all stacked up and I didn't have a musical outlet anymore at the time. I had been writing, recording, and performing Hip Hop music for well over a decade at that time, and I fully immersed myself in the MC SuperKenn project. It's something I could create on my own, without others involved, without band rehearsal - I was solely responsible for it's success. It could be done with a laptop and headphones (and it was!).

    I've programmed my own beats with hardware and software. I beat box. I've worked with NUMEROUS beat-crafters. I am multi-instrumental. Drums are my primary instrument. I've been putting my music on the internet for over two decades now. I have a love-hate relationship with social media. I've had my MCSK Facebook up to over 300 fans, and deleted it because I don't like FB and don't want to be associated with it at all. I LOATHE IT. They're Draconian. "Zuckerburg" is not Mark's *real* last name. He's a Rockerfeller. "Zuckerberg" means "Sugar Mountain" in German. Get it? It's not a free service -- YOU are the product. It's the ULTIMATE in DATA MINING, and the HILARIOUS (and sad) thing is that people sign up and then just GIVE THEM all their data, for nothing (but "likes"). When someone says "are you on Facebook?" does it sound a lot like "are you on heroin?" "Are you on Crack?" Facebook is a drug. It's MEANT to be addictive. The synaptic feedback and little red icons, push notifications, etc. all trigger dopamine in the brain. Little rushes. There's so much more to it. People complain about it, but won't get off it (just like addictive drugs). I don't want to write a dissertation on Facebook, but I certainly could.

    I've voluntarily shut down my YouTube channel at times and lost over 50K views as a result. It makes it look like I don't have much going on, or that nobody is interested. This is not the case. I'm underground, and that has always been a CONSCIOUS CHOICE for me. I don't write pop music. I say that in some of my songs. I make the music that I want to make, always. I write from the biggest perspective I can take in this human body. Human rights, freedom, and peace are my themes. I'm anti-war. I'm anti-corruption. I've never created music for MONEY, and I don't even think I'm capable of it.

    I'm playing drums right now with a blues band called GET DOWN JONES and the DELEGATION. I'm really enjoying it. I've never paid much attention, but I've gotten a lot of compliments lately that mean SO MUCH to me. Compliments like "SK is the best drummer I've ever played with; I tell everyone that" from a friend and fellow musician of 25 years. "You're really good, and versatile." Another musician and longtime acquaintance and now friend said not only "you're a really good drummer" but then also later "you're a *real* drummer! All of the *real* drummers I've played with over the years never stop playing during the breaks - they keep going, just like you're doing! You're a REAL DRUMMER, Kenn!" What an incredible compliment. I'm 100% self-taught on the drums.

SK on the kit with GET DOWN JONES August 2020

    I've gotten more feedback on my drumming lately, my videos (both the ones directed by me, and the ones that are not) - people saying "great job!" That means everything to me, because I *ONLY* do this because I HAVE TO. I'm not right if I'm not making music. I NEED the creative outlet. I'm a highly creative individual. It's exceedingly difficult for me to "fit in" nearly anywhere I'm at except on stage, holding a mic, or behind a drum kit. If I'm not creating, I'm not myself. 

SK On Stage at the MIGHTY CLUB SATYRICON: Portland, Oregon 2000

    At any rate, I've rebuilt superkenn.com to be current for 2020. To talk about some of the things that I've done, the music I've made, etc. I finally got it launched. For a long time prior to this, if you typed in my domain name, you would just end up here, at this sad bLog (LOL!). I will be stepping up the production value and content at all times. I'm recreating some things (my logo, etc.), and some things I just need to let go and focus on NOW, rather than the last 30 years of my music projects. I've lost more material than you could imagine. I was a historian for local Portland music for a long time. I finally let a lot of it go. I just couldn't carry it around anymore. I've forgotten more stuff than a lot of people will ever do. I wish I had some of it, and in other ways, if it were meant to be, I would have it right now. 

    Thanks for Marion H. Moore from ALBM Productions for all that he does, and has done for me. All of our collaborations mean a lot to both of us. Right after the data crash, ALBM restocked me with all the material they had, and a lot of my LIVE BEATS (so I can perform my music). I'm SO GRATEFUL for that! Thanks Marion! I found other data on cloud storage drives, other friends sent me stuff, I found some old CDs with some backups, and now another friend has a USB Drive for me SOON! I can't wait to grab that. Soon. Hey look, I made this bLog - https://qpatriot.blogspot.com/2020/06/bring-it-beat-by-albm-productions-2020.html 

    Other than that -- please give my newly relaunched superkenn.com a visit, maybe you'll find something interesting. I've written 3 children's books now, and my wife illustrated them. They're on my website. It's under the BOOKS menu heading. There are 2 Percy The Panda books available now, and I have written a third book in the series entitled PERCY GOES JURASSIC. I cannot WAIT to see these books illustrated. My wife LeeAnne Gibney does an incredible job bringing this character and the stories to life. She has her own books, but we started on these when we got together over 15 years ago. I have a particular interest in the ones that I wrote, but LeeAnne writes her own children's books too, and they're fantastic.

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