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9/11/2020: Live from Oregon

9/11/2020: Never Forget
    Hey y'all. It's been a little over a month now since I lost all of my data. I may be able to get it back one day, but I don't have the resources now. I still don't like to think about it. I relied on so much that I had on that drive for everything that I did. I live *just outside* Portland Oregon at this time, and everything is on fire. I did a live version of HARRY TRUMAN today on my YouTube Channel, and it's also on my website.

    Speaking of websites, I've owned since the 1990s. Before Blogger existed, I had something *very* similar on my websites -- my daily "logs" where I just wrote a few paragraphs about what was going on, and what I was up to. I've always been a semi-public figure in Portland. My site had quite a bit of traffic. It surprised me that anyone read them at all. My good friend Paul said "It's Kenn's site of too much information abo…