Mayday! Mayday! This is MC SuperKenn!

May 26th, 2020. 11:11pm

Is there anybody out there?

I've been a rapper for my entire life.

I recorded my first bit in Kindergarten in 1978. I heard this bit on the playground that went "shit, goddamn, get offa your ass and JAM!" I recorded myself rapping it back into this Realistic brand portable cassette recorder onto whatever tape was in there at the time (I can't remember). Well, my mom found it while I was at school.

My punishment? I got my mouth washed out with both BAR and LIQUID dishsoap. Did it help "clean up my mouth?" Honestly, no, it did not. Didn't take. My grandma Jackie, who I lived from 6th grade until sophomore year used a lot of curse words. When I asked her why she used so many cuss words, she told me the same thing that Eazy-E of NWA would not longafter - "To get my point across."

I lost control of my domain name "" sometime in the last year or so. I don't really remember when it happened. I've been with my registrar since the 90;s, and have always owned Namesecure had a data breach, and everyone had to reset their password using the email address on file. I had changed mine to one that I had setup for another reason, and had long since deleted and forgotten about it. I wasn't able to regain entry. After many, many phone calls to them, I finally was able to convince them that they knew me -- it's been the same Kenn since the 90's. I am BACK IN TO MY DOMAIN! THe link was dead for MONTHS...maybe more than a year...I don't know.

I am glad to have my domain name back. I always have huge ideas in my head for an elaborate and slick website, but I don't have the time or energy to execute it. Same goes for videos -- I think that ALL of my music would be more interesting with a video, but it's not my favorite thing to do (film/edit).

I have been with my current Beatmaker for over 6 years. I am blessed to have a long-running collaboration and friendship with Marion Heath Moore of ALBM Productions. We have developed an effective and efficient system of creating music together, despite the fact that MC SuperKenn is in Oregon, and ALBM is in Florida. I am a drummer, I am a programmer/beat-maker and percussionist myself and ALBM produces CONSISTENTLY original works of art that become a canvas waiting for MCSK to SPEAK TRUTH TO POWER.

Now that people are waking up to reality, the MC SuperKenn music that I've been recording and releasing since 2006 makes a lot more sense to a lot more people. Go back and listen. I've been shouting things from the rooftops for over a decade that people are just realizing now in 2020.

Speaking of changing the world; I dropped a BRAND NEW cut called THE STORM IS UPON US this week. 

I am SHADOW BANNED ON YOUTUBE as a result of the TRUTH in this cut.

They are SEVERELY THROTTLING MY VIEWS!!! The day that the song came out, viewers in Florida were reporting over 700 views when I showed 300 on my end. The video disappears from my channel all the time, and when this happens my wallpaper is not visible, and my latest video does not show up. I lost so much sleep to get this song out quickly. I felt a great sense of urgency to finish it. This morning when I woke up I watched YouTube pull over 300 views from the video right before my eyes. I suspect the actual views are closer to 10K or more.

I lost days of sleep. Writing the lyrics, finding the flow, setting up KennSpiracy Records to record vocals, backing tracks, megaphone, and misc. other vox, two nights of recording vocals, two nights of mixing and mastering the raw tracks, mixdown, and then the realization that I needed to make a video so the song was more powerful. Spent the next two nights making the video for it, which is not something I do often or enjoy doing, but it turned out pretty good. My wife encouraged me to write the song, and I hadn't written or recorded anything in 8 months. I'm very happy with how it turned out. Cover Artwork by LeeAnne Gibney Illustration.

Click to watch the new YouTube Video


Thanks! More soon.


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