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Mayday! Mayday! This is MC SuperKenn!

May 26th, 2020. 11:11pm
Is there anybody out there?
I've been a rapper for my entire life.

I recorded my first bit in Kindergarten in 1978. I heard this bit on the playground that went "shit, goddamn, get offa your ass and JAM!" I recorded myself rapping it back into this Realistic brand portable cassette recorder onto whatever tape was in there at the time (I can't remember). Well, my mom found it while I was at school.

My punishment? I got my mouth washed out with both BAR and LIQUID dishsoap. Did it help "clean up my mouth?" Honestly, no, it did not. Didn't take. My grandma Jackie, who I lived from 6th grade until sophomore year used a lot of curse words. When I asked her why she used so many cuss words, she told me the same thing that Eazy-E of NWA would not longafter - "To get my point across."

I lost control of my domain name "" sometime in the last year or so. I don't really remember when it happened. I've been…